• Book cover AI&U - Translating Artificial Intelligence into Business

    2018 Edition!

    The Book AI&U

    The next technology to create the biggest and widest impact on all aspects of our lifestyle, industries, and society has arrived. It is Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its newly acquired magic of Deep Machine Learning. AI is the next big thing and will transform all businesses.

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  • The definitive guide on AI

    "AI&U is the definitive guide for business on Artificial Intelligence. In one weekend with the book, business leaders will gain critical insight and tools to start using AI to generate value for customers and enhance competitive advantage for the company."


    - Rosedel Davies-Adewebi, Senior Manager, Innovation

    United Nations Global Compact

    Clear, concise, actionable

    "A very clear explanation of why AI is now delivering on its decade-old promise, how every area of life and technology will be affected, a very useful explanation of some of the underlying technology, a precise assessment of where the hype is real and where we can...."


    - Oliver Gajek, Entrepreneur

  • AI&U

    Podcast Series


    A weekly podcast series on

    all AI topics.

    By Sharad Gandhi and Christian Ehl

    with other AI experts as guest speakers.

  • Podcast 17 - 17.3.2019

    AI and sensors

    Podcast 16 - 17.2.2019

    Prediction: Free Health Care

    Podcast 15 - 2.12.2018

    AI in B2B and B2C Applications

    Podcast 14 - 25.11.2018

    The World's First Podcast With a Robot

    Podcast 13 - 18.11.2018

    AI and Health Care

    Podcast 12 - 14.10.2018

    Impact of AI on People’s Daily Life

    Podcast 11 - 1.10.2018

    Important Questions for Business on AI

    Podcast 10 - 23.9.2018

    AI&U Episode 10 The AI Canvas

    Podcast 9 - 15.9.2018

    AI&U Episode 9 Value of AI for Business

    Podcast 8 - 5.9.2018

    AI&U Episode 8 AI and Human in the Loop - Guest Sara Wasif of Pactera

    Podcast 7 - 30.8.2018

    Human Level AI - Impressions from HLAI Conference

    Podcast 6 - 17.8.2018

    AI and Algorithms

    Podcast 5 - 8.8.2018

    Chatbots based on AI

    Podcast Episode 4 - 31.7.2018

    Important Quotes

    Podcast 3 - 23.7.2018

    Bias in AI decisions

    Podcast 2 - 15.7.2018

    Data, the fuel for Artificial Intelligence

    Podcast 1 - 8.7.2018

    AI black box and transparency of AI decisions

  • The AI&U Canvas

    AI&U Canvas -

    Your AI Strategy Blueprint

    AI&U Canvas captures on one page the most significant factors of your AI solution. These factors are categorized in 8 fields on the canvas. Three fields on the right (green) lists customer facing areas for the solution. Three fields on the left (blue) capture internal considerations for creating the solution. Two fields in the center (yellow) capture the value. Capturing and categorizing these factors in fields provides a practical and visual approach in mapping out the solution in its constituents and facilitates a constructive discussion among various stakeholders.

  • AI&U Workshops

    We frequently deliver workshops and presentations on AI.



    Social Media and Artificial Intelligence

    GPI Consulting, Ingolstadt



    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for (kick-ass) Customer Experience

    Webinar Oracle



    AI Brave New World or End of Humanity

    at the Google Munich Office



    AI Panel - Forum UnternehmerTUM

    BMW Group, BMW World



    Demystifing Artificial Intelligence, Transforming AI into Business Advantage

    OSE Symposium on Data - Law and Escrow Consultants



    Artificial Intelligence - Both sides of AI

    Radio Interview: Radio Lora FM 92.4 "Wissenschaft Kontrovers"



    AI and future of Journalism

    Bavarian Journalists Verband (BJV)



    Chatbots for Social Good




    Artificial Intelligence for Good

    Workshop with tech experts and

    activist Rob Greenfield



    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    Hochschule München



    AI eats Pizza, Team event,

    Hillert und Co.



    AI&U conference talk

    South Africa



    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    and Implications for Economic Inequality

    American German Business Club Munich



    AI and the future of the Building Industry

    Nemetschek Group, Germany



    How to leverage AI in your Business

    Munich Network



    Workshop AI




    AI in Building Industry

    IDEO Germany



    Workshop AI

    Allianz Global Partners



    AI and Facility Management Services

    Workshop AIS Management



    AI Workshop


    Berlin, Germany



    United Nations - Breakthrough Innovations

    Workshop in Berlin, Germany



    AI Workshop

    BMW Group

  • Workshops: AI&U

    Our AI&U workshops are focused on helping you to explore and develop product concepts and value proposition for your products and services that makes the best use of AI.


    This puts the company on a fast track in leveraging the most critical and far reaching technology of Artificial Intelligence for company’s next products and services. Developing product ideas with AI is the first step to future success.

  • Article: AI&U Canvas — 
    A Structured Approach to your AI Project

    Once filled out with the parameters of your business model for AI,
    the AI&U Canvas becomes your AI strategy blueprint.

  • Article: AI is Essentially “Artificial Perception”

    Human intelligence comes from an amazing duality of arriving at conclusions based on perception of patterns, and the contrary, conclusions based on very structured and rational decisions

  • Article: Artificial Intelligence — Demystified

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably the most popular technology topic of our time. AI articles, documentaries, and discussions are flooding every nature of media: popular, technical, social, and political. It captivates the imagination, fantasies, and emotions of all. In spite of so much information, there is a need for clarity around the name and basic concepts of AI.

  • Article: Start with Artificial Intelligence right now!

    The next technology to create the biggest and widest impact on all aspects of our lifestyle, all industries, and our society has arrived. It is Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its newly acquired magic of Machine Learning. AI is the next big thing!

  • Article: How humans and machines learn.

    Learning is a cumulative process of acquiring information and developing skills to figure out how to solve new problems and deal with new situations...

  • Article: Making better decisions.

    Making better decisions is the key to success. Digital technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, is rapidly decreasing the cost of making better decisions in all walks of life. This will have a major impact...

  • Article: Data — the Fuel for Artificial Intelligence.

    Excellent quality of data is as critical for the success of your AI solution as the quality of software for your mission critical programs. Getting data skills is a must have in your AI journey and they are needed to develop ethical AI solutions...


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    Christian Ehl

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    Christian is Managing Director of HILLERT NEXT.

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    Sharad Gandhi

    A technology philosopher and strategist creating new business value with digital technologies.

    Sharad Gandhi

    Gates and Company

    A technology-focused consulting firm that works with companies in product development and launch, strategic planning, and market analysis to enhance business value and competitive advantage. With offices in the US and Germany, Gates and Company is an AI&U Workshop preferred implementation partner.

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